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​​​​​​​In residence at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City for over 40 years.

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Fragile! Human Beings – Handle with Care!!

     The faith that is embedded in our Judaism is expressed in the optimism that humans can make a difference. Our ingenuity and creativity can impact matters. Even our enhanced intellectual capabilities can bring about understanding -- even wisdom. Combined with divine inspiration we are able to move beyond fatalism.
     Fatalism is the conviction that we have no power, that we were dealt an unfair hand in life and, therefore, little responsibility accrues to us. For much of the world the main ordering principle of their lives is chronic fatalism.
     With arrival of Ellul we are called to a spiritual mobilization of our life energies. I have always felt that this month of Ellul was the renewal of our covenant with life. Like most covenants (and contracts), one needs to “read” carefully and understand deeply the implications for all parties. Like many covenants in life, the terms demand constant vigilance. Ellul is the month for practicing our new direction. It is an advance of life that we must do simultaneously on communal and individual levels.
     Do we need a more vivid example of the resolve needed to move forward in life than our very reliance on each other to monitor our breathing? Your individual innocent act of inhaling and exhaling unfettered by a mask can lead to my demise by virus. But if I choose to monitor my behavior, I create the conditions for others to live.
     I don’t remember a more dramatic time when a small individual act could have such potentially momentous consequence. We are part of the “first six days” partnership with the divine because God is not through with us, nor are we through with the world.
     May our times of discouragement be few. May our surrender to the “forces” be brief, but may we find the energy and courage to be ready to fix and to repair and to augment and to tinker in the coming year.
     Lynn and I want to wish each of you a peaceful and sweet year as we anticipate the arrival of the safe vaccine so that we can gather together in person once again.
                                    -- Rabbi Haim Beliak
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Rabbi Haim and Cantor Andrew

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 10:30 AM

2nd Friday of each month at 7:30 PM.

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Services run approximately 1 1/2 hours plus schmooze time. No Hebrew is required.  
Our endeavors are always in the calm and joyful spirit of inquiry.

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Special Kristallnacht Observance
Monday, Nov. 9 at 7:30 pm

A collaboration between the rabbis and cantors of three congregations, our Congregation Beth Ohr of Studio City, Congregation Ner Tamid of San Francisco and Congregation N'vay Shalom of Los Angeles.

The event features our Rabbi Haim and Cantorial Soloist Andrew Henry; Andrew is married to Rabbi/ Cantor Shana Chandler Leon who leads Ner Tamid.  Rabbi Stephen Robbins and Rabbi/Cantor Eva Robbins lead N'vay Shalom.  Although we will be commemorating a frightening beginning to a terrible time, as always, even such tragedy will be deeply remembered and felt through the wonderful talent of these who have survived and carried forth our heritage.

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Congregation Beth Ohr was established more than 50 years ago under the leadership of the esteemed Rabbi Michael Roth of blessed memory.  

We continue his vision of a "boutique shul” with a blend of traditional and contemporary practice.  Our members enjoy a community where we get to know each other personally,  listen to gifted cantorial soloists and musicians,  and experience an inspiring connection to our roots as well as to our world as it is now.

We are under the learned and joyful spiritual leadership of Rabbi Haim Beliak.  We are thrilled to be able to continue our own tradition of a unique blend of old and new.  We know that we have something special  to share – and we hope you will join us.

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